Turfcote benefits from an onsite kitchen so all meals are prepared fresh; guaranteeing they’re hot, delivered on time and delicious. Our kitchen never closes so we can cater for residents that may need to eat outside of normal dining room hours or even if they’re just hungry for a snack.

Our seasonal menu has been devised by experts to ensure variety, nutritional balance, quality and plenty of flavour. We can cater to all dietary requirements (e.g. allergies, vegetarianism, kosher, etc.)

We involve our residents in designing the menu to make sure we serve food that they want to eat and that variety and quality is maintained.

Click here to see what a typical menu looks like this.

Breakfast is served from 8am onwards
Lunch is served at 12.45 pm
The evening meal is served at 4.45 pm
Supper is served around 8.15pm