It’s really important to us that we give our residents opportunities for entertainment and fun activities. In addition to the normal everyday options like TV, card games and board games we organise special events and invite local entertainers and volunteers to visit.

Unlike other care homes we don’t like to impose a structure on our resident’s time. Instead we encourage residents to develop their own activities and provide us with ideas for what they really want to do. Up until very recently we had a bridge club that was run entirely by two ladies in our care and our popular cheese and wine evenings are led by a gentleman resident with the assistance of staff.

This approach means that we’re offering entertainment and activities that our residents genuinely want and increases the opportunities for choice and individuality for people living at Turfcote.

Some of the special events and activities we’ve done recently include:

  • Pamper days
  • Movement for Music
  • Choir visits
  • Christmas fairs
  • Cheese and wine evenings

We want our residents to carry on with lifelong interests and encourage them to keep up any hobbies they may have. If our residents have a hobby they wish to continue at Turfcote then we will try and accommodate this as much as possible.

Residents might also want to visit the local area. Turfcote is easily accessible via bus, we are a short walk from local shops and the park and we’re next door to a sports centre that offers a variety of activities like bowls and swimming.