Our Staff

Turfcote has an unusually high retention rate for staff in the care industry. This is because we treat staff fairly and with understanding, we work with them to constantly improve our services for both residents and staff and we pay more than the minimum wage for care workers.

Happy staff benefits our residents. The low turnover means that residents and staff get to know each other and become close friends. This makes life at Turfcote more pleasant for everyone and means that Turfcote feels like a home. It is also very important for those residents with dementia to have the day to day continuity and routine that a consistent carer ensures.

The excellent working conditions and pay attract a better class of care worker. At Turfcote we employ people that love their job, truly care about the people in their trust and always ensure the needs of our residents are met with patience, understanding and a smile.

All our staff are qualified with an NVQ in Health and Social Care and Safeguarding. We support them in gaining new qualifications and experience to keep improving the services we can offer to our residents.

Our excellence in training has been recognised by Lancashire County Council and Investors in People. Since May 2014 we have acted as a cadet school for the training of apprentice care workers. These apprentices offer further support to our residents and benefit from the expertise of our more qualified and experienced staff.

We also have a complement of registered nurses on staff and we ensure that at any one time there is a minimum of two fully qualified nurses on hand to deal with medical issues. This means guaranteed 24 hour nursing care is available to all our residents.